About us

About us

QuickShot is the latest technology in parts and accessories that provide the best interaction between the shooter and the shooting equipment, and this is the result of constant investment in R&D and manufacturing process of Gas Ram (Gas Spring) and high quality accessories for airguns.

Founded in 2014 with the aim of meeting the requirements of the most demanding airgunners, QuickShot has grown into one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Gas Ram and Airgun accessories with thousands of pieces sold across Brazil and in the overseas.

The first opportunity to design High Efficiency Gas Ram and Ballistic Devices for Airguns began with the demand for components that should improve the performance of airguns, maintaining comfort for the shooter and accuracy of shots for the most different applications. To meet these requirements, QuickShot decided to implement its product line with investments in new technologies and in-house manufacturing. Thus, we are able to develop components that meet not only airguns of various brands and models, but also their different applications.

Our Mission

Offer the best experience to sporting shooters.

Our Vision Of The Future

To be a reference in products and accessories for airguns.

Our Values

• Incentive to R&D
• Planning
• Business ethics
• Quality in everything we make
• Organization