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Terms of Warranty
Quickshot ensures warranty against material and manufacturing defects in your products according to the table below, including the statutory 90-day period, from the date of issue of the tax document to the consumer.

Product Family Warranty Term
Gas Spring Conversion Kits 12 months
Adjustable Triggers 12 months
Muzzle Break and Airstripper 3 months
Centralizers 12 months
Single Gas Springs 6 months
Bushings and Seals 3 months
Greases Listed on packaging
Quickshot Air Pump 12 months
Unlisted Products 3 months

Quickshot is limited to replacing parts or components of products upon technical examination by Quickshot and presentation of the respective tax document.

Quickshot reserves the right to change the general, technical and aesthetic characteristics, and / or make improvements to its products at any time without incurring the obligation to do so in stock or already sold.

The effectiveness of the warranty is automatically canceled if found:

  • Damage caused by misuse (improper or improper use);
  • Products adapted or that have had their characteristics changed for any reason;
  • Improper installation or in violation of installation instructions;
  • Fall damage;
  • Lost, incomplete or accident-causing products;
  • Gas Springs: Do not use Quickshot-made spring guides or centralizers;
  • Failure to follow the guidelines in this document.

Quickshot reserves the right to service all replacements within 30 days as provided in the Consumer Protection Code.


It is recommended that Quickshot products are installed by the selling company or by personnel with proven experience. The gas spring must be installed compressed inside the carbine of at least 4mm. Failure to do so may result in premature gas leakage and / or stem detachment due to constant shock to the internal parts of the spring. During installation ensure that the gas spring is properly aligned between the piston and the rear / carbine rear. Failure to do so may force the rod to work out of alignment, compromising internal components and causing cocking noise and / or premature gas leakage. Using Quickshot centralizers ensures the required compression and alignment. Springs may differ in dimensions between 1mm and 2mm compared to nominal dimensions, according to each manufacturing batch.